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CAN Drivers for Windows & Linux

Powerful driver software with generic programming interface

The delivery of every IXXAT CAN board includes the universal driver "Virtual Communication Interface" (VCI) for Windows and the “Embedded Communication Interface” (ECI) for Linux, INtime, RTX, VxWorks and QNX. The drivers can operate all CAN channels and all CAN interfaces - even different types - within one PC.

These powerful driver packages support all CAN boards, regardless of their PC interface, with a uniform programming interface (API). This means that applications based on VCI-API can be used with all IXXAT CAN boards without modifying the application program. The drivers support multi CAN-channels and/or multiple boards – even different types – to arrange the desired amount of channels.
IXXAT Architecture CAN-driver (VCI)
IXXAT Architecture CAN-driver (VCI)
IXXAT Architecture CAN-driver (VCI)

Features and benefits

  • Common application programming interface (API) for all supported operating systems and interfaces
  • Simultaneous support of multiple CAN channels and interface boards
  • Standard  (11 bit, CAN 2.0A), extended protocol (29 bit, CAN 2.0B) and CAN-FD1
  • Support of protocol-switching on interfaces with low-speed CAN1 or LIN1
  • Slim communication interface while supporting all required mechanisms for an easy operation of the interface
  • Detection and display of error frames on the bus
  • Measurement and display of the bus load (only with active CAN cards)
  • Possible operation in "Listen only mode"
  • 1 For interfaces that support these protocols
IXXAT Uniform Application Interface
IXXAT Uniform Application Interface

Virtual Communication Interface (VCI)

  • Fee driver for CAN interfaces under Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
  • Application interfaces available for C++, .NETI, Java, LabView, DasyLab and LabWindows
  • Convenient card installation via the Device Manager
  • Prepared dialog for interface/channel selection
  • Automatic firmware download with active cards

Embedded Communication Interface (ECI)

  • Free driver for active and passive CAN interfaces under Linux, INtime, RTX, VxWorks and QNX.
  • Application interfaces available for C and a vendor-independent API called SocketCAN
  • Low memory footprint
  • Specially suitable for dedicated embedded applications
  • Real-time capable (INtime, RTX, VxWorks and QNX)

Free CAN monitor "canAnalyser Mini"

For simple testing purposes and start-up canAnalyser Mini - a free CAN bus monitor - is installed with the VCI. This monitor can be used to display CAN messages with time stamp, message identifiers and data. A logging function enables the data received to be recorded directly to hard disk. CAN messages are transmitted via a list wherein CAN messages are entered. Installed interfaces are displayed with the available CAN controllers, the current bus load and the controller status.
canAnalyser Mini also support CAN-FD and LIN in combination with interfaces supporting these protocols.

IXXAT canAnalyser Mini
IXXAT canAnalyser Mini

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