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Installation tester for CAN networks

CANcheck allows users to analyze CAN bus networks during commisioning, maintenance and helps searching faults. This battery-operated, hand-held device connects to the CAN network to be tested and operates using a clearly-structured menu.
Ixxat CANcheck
Ixxat CANcheck
Ixxat CANcheck

Features and benefits

  • Cable test with network switched off and operational test with network switched on
  • Wiring test: test of the resistances between all pins of the CAN-connector (assignment in accordance with CiA), providing assessment based on pre-defined threshold values
  • Terminal resistance test: measurement of the resistance between CAN_H and CAN_L
  • Cable length: measurement of cable length via pulse-time delay, cable impedance
  • Measurement of the signal level: absolute and differential signal level listed according to identifier
  • Baud rate detection: detection of baud rate of the tested CAN system
  • Identifier scan: determination of all identifiers transmitted and display of reception frequency
  • CANopen mode: Signal level and reception frequency listed according to node-ID
  • Bus load: measurement of the current bus load of the CAN bus system
  • Error frames: number of error frames per time unit
  • User’s guide: test instructions before the test, OK or error message after the test, continuation after acknowledgement
  • Multilingual: test instructions in German or English

The CANcheck is operated by means of a simple menu control via cursor keys and LCD display. Test results can be output via the LCD display or a connected PC. For display of the results on a PC, the CANcheck is connected to the PC via a USB port. Results are displayed on the PC via a terminal program. The logging function of the terminal program enables the test results to be either archived in a file or printed out.

Technical data
Display 128 x 64 pixels; background light can be switched on or off
Keypad Touch-sensitive keypad with 6 keys
Switch on/off Switch on by pressing any key; switches off automatically after 10 mins.
USB port USB 2.0 (full speed)
CAN interface ISO 11898-2 High-Speed CAN
Power supply 4 x 1.5 V Mignon Battery (AA) or USB
Operating time approximately 24 hrs. with a battery
  capacity of 2850 mAh
Temperature range 0 ºC ... +50 ºC
Housing and dimensions Sturdy aluminum housing 116 x 160 x 34 mm (W/H/D)
Contents of delivery
- CANcheck
- CAN "Y" cable with Sub-D9 plug (2 m)
- 1-to-1 CAN/Trigger cable
- USB cable
- User Manual
- In plastic storage case
CANcheck in case
CANcheck in case

Rental service

The CANcheck can also be rented on a temporary basis. The minimum rental time is 2 weeks, but it can be extended on a weekly basis. Ask for the possibilities!

Part number(s)



CANcheck rental per week (minimal 2 weeks)

Getting interested?

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