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canAnalyser 3 Suite - View and analyze CAN, CAN-FD and LIN communication

canAnalyser 3 Suite

View and analyze CAN, CAN-FD and LIN communication

canAnalyser 3 Suite - View and analyze CAN, CAN-FD and LIN communication

The canAnalyser is available as follows:


The CAN, CAN-FD en LIN analyser suit with a series of modules

Higher CAN-protcols

Additional modules for CANopen, J1939 and DeviceNet


The canAnalyser is a powerful, multi-purpose analysis tool for the development, test and maintenance of CAN, CAN FD, LIN, CANopen, DeviceNet and SAE J1939 networks. The software package is modular, open and expandable.

The canAnalyser is available in 'Standard' and 'Lite' versions. Even the basic version offers functions that cover a large range of applications. Additional application areas are accessible with optional modules for CANopen, DeviceNet and SAE J1939, or with custom .NET modules.

Modular concept

Central element of the canAnalyser is the control panel, that presents the comprehensive functions of the canAnalyser in a simple and clearly arranged manner. Using the control panel, the user can start and control the various function modules. All function modules of the canAnalyser are connected to virtual buses that are assigned to a real CAN, CAN FD or LIN controller (Ixxat PC/CAN interface). The virtual buses mean the measurement configuration is independent of the measurement computer and can therefore be copied directly to other measurement computers.
Ixxat canAnalyser System structure
Ixxat canAnalyser System structure
Ixxat canAnalyser System structure


  • Stimulation of devices or systems through sending of one-off or cyclical messages and entire message sequences
  • Recording of message traffic, e.g. in the case of sporadically occurring errors, with highly adaptable trigger conditions
  • Online analysis of message traffic with interpreted signal display and graphic display of message contents on a time axis
  • Data interpretation for CANopen, DeviceNet, SAE J1939
  • Generation of command-controlled message sequences


  • The canAnalyser is able to reliably receive and process in a timely manner messages even when bus loads and baud rates are high


  • Due to the flexible configuration and the possibility to start modules multiple and individually arrange them, the canAnalyser can be adapted to any analysis task
  • The .NET interface of the canAnalyser provides the ability to extend the tool by adding own modules

CanAnalyser Standard versus canAnalyset-Lite

Comparisan of functions of the can Analyzer Standard and the canAnalyzer lite versions:

Lite 3
Standard 3
Measurement configuration
Supported CAN controllers 164
Number of function modules per CAN controller 1 module per functionUnlimited
Transmitting messages in CAN layer 2 format via broadcasting lists (one-off/cyclic)Transmitxx
Transmitting signals based on underlayed databasesSignal Transmit-x
Transmitting sequences in CAN layer 2 format using simple commands for transmission controlSequencerxx
Reception and Presentation
Receive messages and online display in CAN layer 2 format (overwrite/scroll)Receivexx
Signal reception and interpreted online display based on underlayed databases (overwrite/scroll)Signalmax. 5x
Graphical display of received signals over the time axisSignalmax. 5x
Display of statistical values (e.g. bus load, number of error frames)Signalxx
Logging of value range overflowsSignalxx
Graphical display of frequency distribution of received messagesHistogramxx
Recording and Playback
Recording on hard disk for later analysis, including filter and trigger functionsTracexx
Playback of recordings on the CAN bus and/or modules for analyzingReplayxx
Adaptation and Extension
Easy development of own measurement and analysis functions using C# and Visual-Basic .NET scriptsScripting Hostxx
Open interface for expansion by customer-specific modules (.NET modules)Customizedxx
canAnalyser 3 Suite

View and analyze CAN, CAN-FD and LIN communication

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