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Customized Products

Tailor-made industrial communication products for your specific needs

Custom projects are an important part of our services. Projects range from simple brand labelling (branding) to the development of completely new products. Our strategy aims to deliver products using standard "tailor-made" rather than full customization. All developments are therefore based on the solid technology of our partners and so using all the research and development they have already invested in (partial) solutions. This ultimately minimizes the cost and time to market of your project.
EAE Stage Technology - Axis Control Unit by Ixxat
Examples of branded products

Brand Identity

This can include customized housing color, specific labelling, logos, manuals, article numbers, packaging and OEM-specific product configuration.

Example of a standard product with modifications

Modifications of standard products

Typical customization requirements are higher IP protection rates, firmware modifications, special power supplies, housing designs, PCB board only or special protocol implementations.

Examples of products in different form factors

Tailored solutions

To support special requirements we can tailor our solutions to dedicated board sizes or form factors with special connectors and/or interfaces. Based one exciting products to meet limited project cost and a short time-to-market.

Fully Customized Solutions

For very specific requirements, we develop unique OEM solutions. Based on proven technologies and platforms,we create customer-unique hardware, software, communication interfaces, performance and functionality.