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CANopen Module

CANopen protocol module for canAnalyser 3

As an addition to the canAnalyser, the CANopen Module interprets all received CAN messages according to the CANopen specifications CiA301 (incl. SDO block transfer), CiA302 (incl. Flying Master and Dynamic SDO Configuration), CiA304 (SRDO) and CiA305 (LSS). The messages are recognized as SDOs, PDOs (also multiplexed), NMT, Heartbeat, Emergency, Sync and Timestamp objects and interpreted accordingly.
Ixxat CANopen module for canAnalyser/canAnalyser-lite 3
Primary network
Ixxat CANopen module for canAnalyser/canAnalyser-lite 3
Ixxat CANopen module for canAnalyser/canAnalyser-lite 3

Features and benefits

  • Simplifies analysis of CANopen networks and devices
  • Direct display of all CANopen messages according to CANopen specification
  • Easy integration into canAnalyser test environment

CANopen Module

All received messages can be displayed one after the other in a list (scroll mode), or listed according to the identifier (overwrite mode), permanently overwritten with new incoming data and with highlighting of altered bytes and reception statistics. It is possible to filter the messages loss-free and dynamically according to both their node number and their message type as well as to configure the collor coding of the messages. Furthermore, the interpreted messages can be recorded to a file.

An SDO transfer is displayed with index and subindex and the symbolic name of the addressed object dictionary entry. Any abort code which may occur is correctly displayed. The SDO data can either be displayed during the transmission as subsequence or afterwards, considering the type of data, as entity. The PDO content is decoded according to the individual device or profile description.

The interpretation of the layer-2 messages is based on a network model, describing all nodes in the CANopen network. The model is generated either by loading the device description files (EDS, DCF, XDD), by a simple profile as-signment, via online network scan or manually. Furthermore, the project files of the Ixxat CANopen ConfigurationStudio are supported.

System requirements
- canAnalyser or canAnalyser-lite (version 3.0 of newer)
Contents of delivery
- Software as single-user license
- User Manual

Part number(s)

CANopen Module for canAnalyser V3

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