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Services focussing on supporting your projects

Our technical services help projects move forward smoothly and successfully, from idea to fully implemented and deployed solutions. Our technical services are guaranteed to save you time and money, as they open up for better understanding, design, validation and usage of our products and solutions within your applications.

The services are provided by a team of skilled and experienced engineers of Twincomm and our partners who work together with you, providing various application engineering services, technical support and training.
Customer Project focused on implementing of PROFIsafe
Customer Project focused on implementing of PROFIsafe
Customer Project focused on implementing of PROFIsafe

Available services:

Scope definition

Scope Definition

Scope definition is ideal early in the project. It outlines project use cases, needs, risks and targets.

It results in guidance towards the best decisions regarding the technical solution and suggestions on how to get started smoothly.

Experience shows that this phase clearly adds value to the solution and reduces project time and cost.



Startup speeds up the process of getting started. An expert guides you through the steps starting from initial specifications and finding the right tools to electrical setup and configuration based on your specific application.

It results in a good understanding of how to configure, manage and use the product for the specific application.



Design helps the design of the project move forward towards the final solution in an efficient way.

Our dedicated staff can assist in creating configurations, dashboards, demos and in some cases even software source code.

This helps solving resource issues and meeting deadlines.



Validation is important when reaching the end of the project but can be time-consuming and hard as many obstacles may no not be known.

Our staff can either assist at validation inhouse or at on-site, for example in a trial project.

This results in increased understanding and confidence of the solution.

Maintain & improve


Aftercare - maintain & improve - is recommended some time after the project has gone live. Products may have been updated or needs and behavior of the application may be different from the time it was designed.

As new trends and technologies emerge, this enables improvements to to meet and exceed expectations.