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Communicator CAN - Modbus TCP gateway

Anybus CAN to Modbus TCP data converter

Anybus Communicator CAN is a gateway and data converter enabling the exchange of data between a subnetwork, running CAN, and a Modbus TCP network. This allows devices with a CAN port to be integrated into a Modbus TCP network, without the need for hardware or software changes.
The gateway works as a Modbus TCP slave for the primary network and as a standard CAN node for the second network

The Communicator performs an intelligent data conversion and presents CAN data to a PLC/Controller in the Modbus TCP network as easy to process I/O data. With convenient configuration software basically every manufacturer-specific CAN data protocol can be exchanged to Modbus TCP, or vice versa.
Anybus Communicator CAN - Modbus TCP
CAN network
Modbus TCP network
Anybus Communicator CAN - Modbus TCP
Anybus Communicator CAN - Modbus TCP

Features and benefits

  • Saves machine builders and device manufacturers of integrating a Modbus TCP interface
  • Requires no hardware or software changes to be made to CAN-devices
  • Compatible with all PLC's and controllers with Modbus TCP support
  • Performs complete CAN protocol conversion, no PLC function blocks required
  • Flexible CAN frame building method for both Response/Request or Produce/Consume protocols
  • Intelligent I/O data mapping within the Communicator permits even devices with slow CAN communication can be integrated without any restrictions to Modbus TCP
  • Integrated Email client, FTP server and embedded webserver for diagnostics and data visualization

Conversion of I/O-data

The Anybus Communicator maps data byte from CAN messages into I/O data in the Modbus TCP network, and vice versa. This mapping is highly flexible and can contain an arbitrary set of CAN Id’s and data. CAN communication is supported both by both producer /consumer or request/response protocol schemes, who are configured with a flexible CAN frame building method.

All data between Modbus TCP and the CAN network is transferred through an internal memory buffer inside the Communicator. This method of data exchange also permits CAN devices with slow communication to be integrated into high-speed Modbus TCP networks without any restrictions. The Communicator appears as a standard I/O module on the Modbus TCP side.

Easy configuration - No programming required!

The mapping of data between CAN and Modbus TCP is quickly set up in the Anybus Configuration Manager software, included with the Communicator CAN. No programming skills are needed to set up the Communicator.

CAN-configuration features

  • Graphical CAN frame building support using several ready-made CAN functions.
  • Can configure any CAN 2.0A or 2.0B based protocol (11 and 29 bit identifiers).
  • Configures upto 128 transactions containing a total of 256 CAN frames
  • Monitor/Modify function of process I/O data informing of CAN transaction status
  • Diagnostic transaction Live List in the network I/O informing of CAN transaction status
  • Handy Save/Load function allows for a completed configuration to be re-used for many other installations
  • Password protection prevents unauthorized upload and download of configurations 

Modbus TCP interface features

  • Modbus TCP class 0, class 1 and partially class 2 device/slave functionality
  • Max 512 bytes Input and 512 bytes I/O data
  • 10/100Mbit operation in full or half-duplex
  • Integrated switch for daisy chaining topology
  • TCP/IP settings configurable with web-page, Configuration Tool, DHCP or ARP
Technical data
Dimensions 120 x 75 x 27mm
Weight 150g
Operating temperature -25 to +55 °C
Storage temperature -40 to +85 °C
Power supply 24 VDC
Current consumption Typical 150mA
Configuration port USB
  Baudrate 20 kbit/s - 1 Mbit/s
  Protocol support CAN 2.0A and 2.0B (11 and 29 bit identifiers)
  Connector D-sub 9 Male
Modbus TCP  
  Connector 2x RJ45 (switch)
Galvanic isolation On both CAN and Modbus TCP side
Protection class IP20
Mounting DIN-rail (EN 50022 standard)
Certifications CE, CULUS, ATEX/Haz.Loc, RoHS
Contents of delivery
- Anybus Communicator CAN-Modbus TCP
- Configuration cable (USB)
- D-sub9 connector with screw
- Anybus Configuration Manager (Windows™)
- Quick Reference Manual
- User Manual

Part number(s)

Anybus Communicator CAN - Modbus TCP, 1x CAN, 2x Modbus TCP
Anybus Communicator CAN - Modbus TCP, 1x CAN, 2x Modbus TCP

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