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CanEasy, the analysis- and testing environment

Simulation and analysis tool for CAN, CAN FD, LIN and Automotive Ethernet

CanEasy is a Windows-based analysis and test environment for CAN (FD), LIN and Automotive Ethernet. The tool simulates the bus traffic, has a high degree of automation, can be easily configured and extended with the help of plug-ins. CanEasy can be used throughout the development process, from testing to commissioning.
With CanEasy real and simulated electronic control units ECUs
Ixxat CanEasy
Ixxat CanEasy
Ixxat CanEasy

CanEasy is supported by all  pc can-interfaces by Ixxat.


  • Support of various CAN, CAN FD, LIN interface like HMS, Ixxat, Vector, etc.
  • Easy Handling
  • Drag & Drop      
  • Clear and logical arrangement      
  • Easily extendable (plug-ins)



The full program
CanEasy Professional contains the full range of functions for simulation, test, diagnosis and analysis. Users can also create RichPanel Runtime workspaces.
Users: This edition is designed for developers with high requirements.

Standard (Plus)

The core program
CanEasy Standard represents a variant of the Professional Edition reduced to CanEasy's main functions. Although it does not include CANoe integration (CAPL), XCP, Automotive Ethernet and others, the options UDS Diagnostics and RichPanel Standard can be added individually.
Users: The Standard Edition is designed for developers who do not require the full range of functions of the Professional Edition for their work.

Compare the different software variants

CanEasy is available in different product versions. The correct set of functionality is therefore always available.

  Standard Standard Plus Professional
Number of CAN / FD Channels (max.) 99 99 99
Number of LIN Channels (max.) 99 99 99
Number of Ethernet Channels (max.)     99
Number of FlexRay Channels (max.) 1 1 1 1
Supported Hardware Interfaces      
Ixxat VCI devices like USB-to-CAN, PC cards CAN-IB, CAN@net NT
Ixxat VCI devices CANnector / FRC-EP170 / FRC-EP190
Further vendors
CAN/CAN FD/LIN Analyzing
XCP/CCP Protocol
FlexRay Analyzing/Gateway 1
Residual Bus Simulation (RBS) PC based
Database Editor (DBC, Autosar [ARXML], LDF)
Search Function (ECU, Messages, Signals, Variables, Attributes, …)
Recording (ASC, BLF, MDF, binary)
Signal-Plots/ Signal-Monitors
Automated Panels (Signals, Cycle-Time, Messages)
Standard-Plug-Ins (Modulator, Statistics, Formular, …)
Integrated Development Envirorment Visual Basic for Application
Integrated Development Envirorment Visual Studio für Application C#/.net
Matlab/ Simulink Support
Environment Variables
RichPanel Visualisation  
UDS Diagnose (Import CDD, PDX, ODX)  
Fault Memory Windows    
Automotive Ethernet Analyzing    
SOME/IP / Automotive Ethernet    
Vector CANoe CAPL Converter    

1 = only with Gateway/Generic Ethernet functionality of Ixxat FRC-EP170/190

Hardware requirements
- PC with Windows
- Ixxat CAN interface and VCI driver
- Ixxat CAN-FD interface and VCI driver for CAN-FD
- Ixxat CAN-interface with LIN-interface and VCI driver for LIN
Contents of delivery
- Software as single user license
- User Manual

Part number(s)

CanEasy Standard
CanEasy Standard Plus
CanEasy Professional

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