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Services & Solutions - Consultancy & Engineering on demand

Services & Solutions

Services & Solutions - Consultancy & Engineering on demand

Twincomm is an innovative and flexible organization that provides services in addition to products in order to successfully apply distributed industrial communication solutions. From the first idea up to the full implementation of any desired industrial communication. Twincomm has a vast expertise in industrial communication and is like no other, bring the right resources together in order to complete a specific customer demand.

Our services can be divided into two groups:

Customized Products

Customized solutions tailored for your specific needs.

These services are aimed to relieve by creating products that meet unique and exactly to your needs. By developing and producing a tailor-made industrial communication solution together with our partnesr, you can transform technical ideas into ready-made products, always in an innovative and efficient way.

What we offer:

Short time-to-market

Minimized development risk

Predictable development costs

Ready-made products prepared for serial production

Lifecycle management, manufacturing, logistics

Project support

Services aimed at supporting your project.

These services are designed to assist you in achieving your desired industriel communications solution. We help projects move forward smoothly and successfully, from idea to fully implemented and deployed solution. The emphasis is on experience and the introduction of our knowledge and experience in your project (team).

What we offer:

Project planning

Setting up evaluation demos

Creating and validating product configurations

Providing guidance during field trials

Technical support and training