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PC CAN-interfaces - Connects every PC to CAN, CAN-FD or LIN

PC CAN-interfaces

Connects every PC to CAN, CAN-FD or LIN

PC CAN-interfaces - Connects every PC to CAN, CAN-FD or LIN

Ixxat PC CAN interfaces – easy connection to CAN and CAN FD networks

CAN interfaces from HMS allow PC applications to access CAN networks with a unique variety of different PC interface standards. You select the PC interface that suits your application, performance requirements or required unit costs. In addition to standard CAN High-speed we also support CAN Low-speed, CAN-FD and LIN.

Choose a PC interface group:
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Areas of application

  • Machine control
  • Data visualization and acquisition
  • Mobile service and maintenance
  • System analysis and configuration 
  • Wireless or remote CAN access

Uniform API: One application interface grants access to all PC interface standards

  • Easily switch between different PC interface types – no software adaptation required!
  • Future ready – Benefit from our continuous product maintenance and implement new interfaces and future technologies on the fly
Ixxat Uniform Application Interface
Ixxat Uniform Application Interface
Ixxat Uniform Application Interface

Fits perfectly into your application

  • Different form factors for desktop, industrial PC, mobile and even wireless connection
  • Drivers for Windows, Linux and real-time operating systems
  • CANopen or SAE J1939 applications are supported by special APIs taking care of all protocol specific matters
  • In addition, the interfaces are also the basis for our extensive tool chain – consisting of analysis and configuration tools – as well as for configuration software from a wide variety of equipment manufacturers

Active and passive interfaces

  • Ixxat PC interfaces are available in low-cost passive or active variants with on-board controllers
  • Active interfaces allow usage within applications with high demands on data pre-processing, such as high-precision time stamps or the filtering of messages to be sent or received directly on the interface

Proven quality and technology

  • Reliable due to highest quality standards at development and production
  • Long-term availability – we strive for a product availability of at least 10 years and support our customers with easy to implement successor products

High performance

  • High data throughput combined with low latency using up-to-date technology
  • On-board data pre-processing, filtering and accurate time-stamping
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