The embedded network specialist

About us

Twincomm provides solutions, equipment and services for the communications inside machines, between components and to other systems. As embedded network specialists we focas to the communication in and around the equipment of our customers and we assist clients in applying industrial networks. We can connect any device with virtually any network.

We have grown up in CAN and CANopen networking but have since recovered all Industrial Ethernet and other fieldbuses. We support for example PROFINET, EtherCAT, Powerlink, Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP, CC-Link but also PROFIBUS, Modbus RTU or Sercos.
Beside the general industrial networking we als do have in-house advanced automotive network expertise, for example for J1939, LIN and FlexRay.

We ensure that communication really works!

We do this by looking beyond just our own products. Our service and support covers the complete industrial communication domain of our customers, even if it consists of components supplied by third parties.

Our support is so broad and ranges from consulting and training to full turnkey netwerkaplicaties and deployments. Thanks to the collaboration with HMS we have a flexible and large engineering capacity.
Our strategy aims to provide goods made to measure, bases on standard products. With these products as the basis, we can design in a fast, flexible and reliable way.

Like no other, we know what issues are involved when setting up a distributed network with a data bus like CAN (open), Industrial Ethernet or fieldbus. We have a great experience in supporting our clients regarding designing a network topology, elaborating the distribution of signals, physically composing and testing of the first system and so on.
we are happy to use that experience, for you too!

Twincomm is a reliable partner. We have been active since 1992 and work on long-term relationships with both our customers and our system partners.

If you want more information or do have a question or comment, please visit our contact page.