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CAN@Net NT 200, 2x CAN - Ethernet gateway

CAN-Ethernet gateway and CAN-Ethernet-CAN bridge with two CAN-channels

CAN@net NT 200 enables easy and flexible access to CAN systems via Ethernet and features two CAN channels. The device has three operating modes and can be used as a CAN to Ethernet-gateway, a CAN to Ethernet-PC interface or a CAN to Ethernet to CAN-bridge.
Ixxat CAN@net NT 200
CAN network
TCP/IP & MQTT network
Ixxat CAN@net NT 200
Ixxat CAN@net NT 200

Features and Benefits

  • Bridging of large distances and easy remote system access using Ethernet
  • Cost savings due to simple wiring
  • Two independent CAN channels
  • Powerful filter, ID translation and data mapping functionality
  • Action Rules and Cyclic transmission
  • Windows configuration tool for easy configuration via USB or Ethernet
  • Designed for high performance in harsh environments

CAN-to-Ethernet Gateway

In gateway mode the CAN@net NT 200 can be directly accessed from e.g. Windows, Linux, VxWorks or QNX based systems as well as from embedded systems, by using a simple ASCII protocol over a standard TCP/IP socket. As CAN-Ethernet Gateway, the CAN@net NT 200 offers simple, flexible access to two independent CAN systems via a LAN or via the Internet.

Ixxat CAN@net NT 200 Gateway and PC interface functionality
Ixxat CAN@net NT 200 Gateway and PC interface functionality

CAN-to-Ethernet PC interface

With the included VCI driver for Windows, the CAN@net NT can be operated like all Ixxat CAN PC interfaces. With the CAN@net NT, all VCI-based Ixxat tools, such as the canAnalyser, as well as customer-specific applications based on the VCI driver can be used. The VCI CAN driver offers the possibility to communicate with up to 128 CAN@net NT devices at the same time.

CAN-to-Ethernet-naar-CAN Bridge

Using two CAN@net NT 200, a CAN-Ethernet-CAN bridge can be implemented linking two independent CAN channels on each side. This bridge allows the exchange of CAN messages between CAN systems via TCP/IP over large distances – using an existing Ethernet-based infrastructure. The segmentation also increases the reliability and stability of the overall system.

Ixxat CAN@net NT 200 Bridge functionality
Ixxat CAN@net NT 200 Bridge functionality

Filtering and multiplexing

By using mapping tables the message reception/transmission is possible between all channels. With the aid of filter and conversion rules, CAN messages can be filtered or modified. With these mechanism, the bus load can be reduced in the individual networks by only sending messages which are of interest to the other network. For SAE J1939 applications a special mapping table is provided, adapted to the specific parameters.

Action Rules

In response to received messages, device or CAN bus status events, a variety of actions can be performed automatically, e.g. sending messages (CAN), changing device settings or switching device LEDs. Action rules are created through intuitive drop-down menus for events and actions within the Windows-based device configuration tool.

MQTT for cloud connection

Whether device status or CAN data, the MQTT functionality of the CAN@net NT enables transmission of various information to the cloud – easily programmable using action rule lists. With free available broker services and APPs, e.g. status messages or system values can be easily transmitted to your smartphone or other devices.

Cyclic transmission

The cyclic transmission feature enables cyclic forwarding of messages. Both, messages and cycle times are defined within a central cyclic transmission table.

Configuration and firmware update

Using an easy to operate Windows configuration tool, the CAN@net NT 200 can be configured and firmware updates can be performed via USB or Ethernet interface. With the tool, the configuration of filter, mapping or translation rules can be carried out very easily, without programming skills.

With the help of mapping tables, the exchange of messages between all channels can be configured very flexibly. Filter and conversion rules can be applied to the CAN messages. As a result, the bus load in the individual networks can be reduced since only relevant messages are transmitted to the other network.

Ixxat CAN@net NT 200 Congiguration tool
Ixxat CAN@net NT 200 Congiguration tool
Technical specifications
PC bus interface 10/100 MBit/s, twisted pair, RJ45 connector
CAN-bus tranceiver Texas Instruments SN65HVD251P
CAN bus nodes Max. 120
CAN-bus termination None
CAN baudrates 5 - 1000 kBaud
Power supply 9-32 V DC
Curremt consumption 110 mA typisch @ 24 Volt voeding
Temperature range Operating temperature -40 ºC ... +85 ºC
  Storage temperature -40 ºC ... +85 ºC
Galvanic isolation 1 kV for 1 sec.
Certification CE, FCC
Housing Polyamide housing for top hat rail mounting
Protection class IP20
Size Approx. 114,5 x 99 x 22,5 mm
Weight Approx. 150g
Contents of delivery
- CAN@net NT 200
- Configuration software for Windows™
- Configuration cable (USB)
- User Manual

Part number(s)

CAN@Net NT 200, Universal CAN-Ethernet gateway/bridge with two CAN interfaces
CAN@Net NT 200, Universal CAN-Ethernet gateway/bridge with two CAN interfaces

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