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CompactCom M30 - Embedded Fieldbus Modules

CompactCom M30

Embedded Fieldbus Modules

CompactCom M30 - Embedded Fieldbus Modules

The following Anybus CompactCom M30-modules are available:

Fieldbus interfaces

Modules for specific fieldbusses

Passive interfaces

Modules without microcontroller and with a serial interface only

Anybus CompactCom M30 - 1st generation of the Anybus CompactCom

This proven technology is ideal if you need to complement your CompactCom 40-series module design with extended fieldbus connectivity.

The solutions within the Anybus CompactCom 30-series all contain the complete functionality of industrial network slave/adapter interfaces and integrate through a standardized and network independent parallel or serial application interface towards the host automation device.

For general purpose industrial devices

Versatile applications

  • Built on the 1st generation Anybus NP30 network processor technology
  • Standardized hardware and software interface independent of the network
  • Can be combined with CompactCom 40-series networks IF designed in with a forwards compatible host application interface from HMS that supports both 30 and 40-series CompactCom modules   
  • Fast time to market, typically between 1-3 months for multiple networks
  • Low power consumption
  • M12 connectors for IP rating up to IP67 for several networks
Anybus CompactCom M30 Module
Anybus CompactCom NP30 ASIC

Anybus NP30 ASIC technology

The ASIC is a high performance RISC processor including Profibus, Ethernet, CAN and other communication interfaces as well as internal RAM and Flash memories. With its 10x10mm BGA housing it is the smallest true single chip network processor for industrial communications.

Some networks are covered with a combination of NP30 and a second dedicated communication ASIC for the targeted network.

Migrating from CompactCom 30-series to the 40-series

For new designs the CompactCom 40-series will be the platform for communication, though the compatibility between the two series and that the CompactCom Host application example code from HMS will enable usage of both series in a design gives customers using Anybus CompactCom access to all fieldbuses and Industrial networks covered with both series.

More about CompactCom M30 Modules

Easy module mounting

The electrical connection to the system board takes place via a CompactFlash-connector. However, the CompactCom host connector is specially designed for the assembly of all CompactCom modules.

  • It has extended slide-in arms with guiding so that the module will easily slide into place
  • It has an extra security so that a module can not be pressed 'over' the connector pins
Anybus CompactCom Host Connector

Because the connector is specially designed for CompactCom Anybus modules, it provides an easy and safe installation of a module.

The CompactCom modules are mechanically anchored to the motherboard so that the Host Connector is never physically loaded when connecting network cables.

Anybus CompactCom M30 with and without housing

With or without housing

For greater flexibility, we offer all Anybus CompactCom modules with or without the robust plastic housing. Modules without housing offer the flexibility of Anybus CompactCom without the end user can switch modules or knows about the technology used.

Available modules with M12 connectors, and without housing, offer the ability to comply to protection class IP67.