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Embedded CC-Link IE Field slave interface

Anybus CompactCom B40 CC-Link IE Field brick for PCB-assembly

The Anybus CompactCom B40 for CC-Link IE Field is a complete embedded Industrial Ethernet communication plug-in modul which enables your products to communicate on an CC-Link IE Field network. The module acts as a CC-Link IE Field slave interface and supports fast communication speeds, making it suitable also for high-end industrial devices.
Anybus CompactCom B40 - CC-Link IE Field
Primary network
Anybus CompactCom B40 - CC-Link IE Field
Anybus CompactCom B40 - CC-Link IE Field

Add your own connectors and peripherals

The B40 Brick is a brick for PCB-assembly and gives you the flexibility to add your own connectors and network isolation. An alternative is to use the ready-made connector boards from HMS. The B40 Brick is ideal for embedded device manufacturers who are looking for a semi-integrated solution where connector flexibility, size and cost are key elements.

Interchangeable with other networks

By implementing the CompactCom B40 into your product line, you will have instant embedded access to any other industrial network by simply plugging in another Anybus brick .

Get real-time CC-Link IE Field communication

The Anybus CompactCom B40 enables fast communication between your device and the CC-Link IE Field network. The module supports generic device profiles and comes with a dual port switch implemented in the network processor — the award-winning Anybus NP40. With its fast data transfer and very low latency, it's the perfect match for even the most demanding industrial applications.

Features and benefits

  • A ready-made embedded CC-Link IE Field slave interface for PCB assembly
  • Easy mounting to your host PCB design
  • CLPA pre-certified for network compliance (enables faster network certification)
  • Fast data transfer: Up to 1536 bytes of process data in each direction
  • Very low latency
  • Event-based interface method enables easy access to input and output data at any time
  • Fast, event-based application hardware interfaces: 8/16-bit parallel and highspeed SPI. I/O (shift register interface) is also available
  • Solid security: Mandatory software signatures prevent unauthorized software to be downloaded to the module. Furthermore, encryption is used to prevent illicit copying
  • Short in-design with free assistance from Twincomm and HMS ensures a fast time to market

CC-Link IE Field Slave Interface

  • CC-Link IE Field Network intelligent device station
  • Dual port cut-through switch implemented in the Anybus NP40 processor
  • Configuration file (CSP+) provided by HMS
  • Possibility to customize Vendor Code, Model Code and Version via application interface
  • Fixed 1 Gbit/s Baud Rate
  • Network Number and Station Number configuration via application interface
  • Transient server functionality supported
  • 2x RJ-45 CC-Link 1 Gbit/s ports available simultaneously
Technical specifications
Dimensions (L•W•H) 36 x 36 x 8 mm
Operating temperature -40 to +85 °C
Power requirements 3.3 VDC, ±0.15 VDC
Application Interface 8/16-bit parallel (30 ns access)
High speed SPI, baudrate configurable up to 20 MHz
I/O (shift register interface, cyclical update time 82 μs)
UART (for backwards compatibility with 30-series, max 625kbps)
Profile support Generic device
Ethernet features Transparent socket interface
Support of HTTP forwarding via socket interface
Integrated 2-port switch
IT functions (FTP server, E-mail client, web server with JSON and SSI support)
Internal file system  Configurable up to 28 MB
Two discs are available: One internal (28 MB capacity), and one reserved for accessing
the application file system (capacity determined by application)
LED indicators Available via host connector - Indicates Module Status and Network Status
Connectors N/A - 2x RJ45 100 Mbit/s on optional connector board
Galvanic isolation N/A - Available on optioneel connector board
Mechanical rating IP20, NEMA rating 1
Mounting PCB mount via B40 pcb/pcb connector (1.27mm pitch) and M3 screws
Certifications CE, CULUS, RoHS

Part number(s)

Anybus CompactCom B40 CC-Link IE Field
Anybus CompactCom B40 CC-Link IE Field


Anybus CompactCom Connector Board EtherNet
Anybus CompactCom Connector Board EtherNet

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