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INpact EtherNet/IP Slave PCIe interface

Versatile industrial Ethernet PC interface for EtherNet/IP

The Ixxat INpact is an Industrial Ethernet PCIe slave interface. The dedicated EtherNet-IP version of the Ixxat INpact comes with a pre-installed network protocol. It enables the easy connection of PC-based Profibus Slave applications to the industrial network and is based on proven Anybus and Ixxat technology.
This technology makes the INpact very versatile. For example, by using another variant, an easy change to another Industrial Ethernet protocol can be made without requiring any software to be rewritten. Thus, the host system has a network slave interface with any desired Industrial Ethernet protocol.
Ixxat INpact EtherNet-IP Slave PCIe
EtherNet-IP network
Ixxat INpact EtherNet-IP Slave PCIe
Ixxat INpact EtherNet-IP Slave PCIe

EtherNet-IP Features

  • Beacon Based DLR (Device Level Ring) and linear network topology supported
  • 10/100 Mbit, full/half duplex operation
  • Web server with customizable content
  • FTP server
  • Email client
  • Server Side Include (SSI) functionality
  • Customizable Identity Information
  • Up to 65535 ADIs
  • CIP Parameter Object support
  • Expandable CIP object implementation
  • Supports unconnected CIP routing
  • Transparent Socket Interface
  • Modular Device functionality
  • QuickConnect supported
  • Multiple IO assembly instances can be created

Easy Programming

The INpact card comes with a comprehensive C-API based driver package for Windows – enabling simple and rapid development of customer-specific applications – and with drivers for Linux. Operating systems such as RTX, Intime, VxWorks and QNX are supported upon request.

Technische gegevens
 INpact CE Slave PCIe
Standard/Low Profile
INpact CE Slave PCIe
Field bus interfaceTwo Ethernet ports, 100/10 MbitTwo Ethernet ports, 100/10 Mbit 
PC interfacesPCI Express single lane port (x1) according
to PCI Express base specification, revision 1.1
Mini PCI Express (x1) 
Network handlingAnybus NP40Anybus NP40 
Power supplyVia PCIe socket (3.3 V / 12 V DC)Via PCIe (3.3 V) 
Current consumptionTyp. 270 mA / 3.3 V DC, 110 mA / 12 V DCTyp. 600 mA / 3.3 V DC 
Form factorStandard height / low profile PCIFull Mini Card form factor 
Operating temperature range0 °C to 70 °C
Option: -40 °C to 70° C
-40 °C to 60 °C 
Galvanic isolation1,500 Vrms1,500 Vrms 
Dimensions64 x 105 mm30 x 50.95 x 12 mm (with cable) 
Weight± 52 g± 26 g (board, cable, bus interface) 
Contents of delivery
- Ixxat INpact PCIe Mini board with additional bus interface board and cable
- EtherNet-IP firmware pre-installed
- Windows, Linux, QNX and INtime driver software
- User Manual

Part number(s)

INpact EtherNet/IP Slave PCIe Standard Profile 2x RJ45
INpact EtherNet/IP Slave PCIe Standard Profile 2x RJ45
INpact EtherNet/IP Slave PCIe Low Profile 2x RJ45
INpact EtherNet/IP Slave PCIe Low Profile 2x RJ45
INpact EtherNet/IP Slave Mini PCI Express
with connection cable and bus coupling unit 2x RJ45
INpact EtherNet/IP Slave Mini PCI Expresswith connection cable and bus coupling unit 2x RJ45

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