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CIP Safety Stack

CIP Safety Originator / Target Software

The Ixxat CIP Safety Software can be used for implementing CIP Safety Targets (slaves) and CIP Safety originator (master) devices based on EtherNet/IP or Sercos.

When using Sercos as a non-secure communication protocol, all necessary adaptation modules for the connection to the Sercos stack or the Sercos IP are available. Getting started with the CIP Safety technology is simplified by the included PC demo, showing the capabilities and operation of a target and originator device.
Ixxat CIP Safety Stack
Ixxat CIP Safety Stack
Ixxat CIP Safety Stack


  • Operating system independent - Runs with and without an operating system
  • Supports CIP Safety on Sercos and EtherNet/IP
  • Supports parallel CIP safety connection for Originator and Target
  • Designed according to IEC 61508 for applications up to SIL-3
  • Interfaces enable porting to different hardware and software platforms
  • Simplified integration and re-certification on any target systems via included unit test suites and Safety Manual
CIP Safety Architecture
CIP Safety Architecture
Technische gegevens
Supported standards CIP Safety specificatie Edition 2.11
Supported platforms PC demo, TÜV pre-gecertificeerd en CIP Safety conformiteit getest op PXA255 en ARM Cortex-M3

Part number(s)

CIP Safety Target for EtherNet/IP
CIP Safety Originator for EtherNet/IP
CIP Safety Target for Sercos
CIP Safety Originator for Sercos

Supplementary services


Offering technical support within the scope of an extra charged maintenance contract. This includes technical support and consultation regarding the use of CIP Safety preferably by e-mail or the direct support by a developer at Ixxat or at customer site.

Technical support

Consultation regarding the usage of CIP Safety as well as concept and specification questions for safety relevant product or system solution.

Hardware and software development services

As development partner we support you at the implementation and portation of CIP Safety at the development of safety applications and safety hardware as well as at the certification. At this, you can benefit from our comprehensive CIP Safety know-how and our competence in the development of safety hardware and software.

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