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CompactCom B40 - Embedded Industrial Ethernet Bricks

CompactCom B40

Embedded Industrial Ethernet Bricks

CompactCom B40 - Embedded Industrial Ethernet Bricks

The following Anybus CompactCom B40-bricks are available:

Dedicated Ethernet

Modules with dedicated Ethernet-protocol pre-installed

Common Ethernet

Versatile interface, select the desired Ethernet-protocol via download

Fieldbus interfaces

Modules for specific fieldbusses

Anybus CompactCom B40 - For both general or demanding high performance applications

Versatile applications

  • Combines major fieldbus networks with high performance real-time Industrial Ethernet
  • Common Ethernet module allows you to download your chosen Ethernet protocol to the module
  • Unique way of handling device profile integration (Drive, Motion, Semi, Others)
  • Safety ready - Can be combined with the Ixxat SafeT100 to provide implementation of safety networks
  • Uses network encryption technologies to keep your devices safe and secure
  • 1st generation CompactCom 30-series available for additional networks 
Anybus CompactCom B40 Brick
Anybus CompactCom NP40 Network Processor

Award winning technology giving best-in-class performance

The cutting-edge Anybus CompactCom B40-serie is based on the Anybus CompactCom NP40 technology – a multi-protocol network processor used within millions of devices globally.

Anybus NP40 handles the complete communication and provides high performance for real-time applications. As a result, the B40 series is extremely suitable for both general purpose and for high-end applications with large I/O data transfer, fast network cycles and synchronization demands

B40 Brick Connector Boards

The B40 Brick is mounted on the host PCB to o enable communication with the chosen network. The module can be secured using two M3 screws
B40 series offers a free choice of connection to the desired network. We offer ready-made connector boards – including Physical network layer - for all supported networks in order to facilitate the design-in.

Connection can easily be made with a different network, by replacing both the B40 Brick and the connector board.


  • Easy mounting, pluggable and solderable male strip connector
  • Standard connector and standard network signals thanks to the built-in physical layer
  • Safe and secure mounting of the brick interface to the host PCB design
  • Full connector flexibility on the network side
Anybus CompactCom B40 PCB-mounting


B40 Ethernet 2x RJ45
B40 Ethernet Fiber Optic 2x SC-RJ
B40 PROFIBUS 1x Sub-D9 female
B40 CC-link / DeviceNet 1x 5.08
Anybus CompactCom B40 Connector Boards