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Flexible all-rounder: gateway, logger, bridge and range extender

CANnector is a DIN rail mountable platform with many different communication interfaces. CANnector offers, for example, Gateway, Bridging, Range and Logging functionality, possibly combined with each other. It is ideal for applications in which several bus systems are to be merged into a single device with its own processing power.
All applications run on the device, a PC is only needed for configuration or stimulation/visualization of data, as the actual intelligence – for e.g. the transport protocols – is outsourced to the embedded platform.

With the  advanced configuration tool (ACT), Ixxat offers easy-to-use Windows-based software that allows users to configure the device via drag and drop. Most use cases can be solved by using ACT Free (free), which is available for downloadd.


  • DIN rail mountable
  • Gateway, Bridging, Range and Logging for CAN, CAN FD, LIN and other protocols
  • Industrial Ethernet support (like EtherCAT)
  • Up to 8 CAN (FD) channels in one device
  • CAN listen only (CAN RX) for data logging use-cases
  • Only a few µs delay of frames in classical gateway applications
  • Switch-on CAN (self switch on in case of any CAN communication or a defined message)
  • Up to 4 kV galvanic isolation
  • Compatible to the Ixxat CAN@net Generic Ethernet protocol and CAN@net NT protocol

High performance and versatile

Thanks to a powerful Linux platform, CANnector is able to execute complex applications and data manipulations directly on the device. The support of DBC files also makes it possible to work at signal level. By using ‘Wake-up on CAN’ and the option to disable the CAN TX function, the device can be used in applications that are battery powered or where the (measurement) system is absolutely not allowed to influence the CAN channels.

CANnector basis gateway functionality
CANnector basis gateway functionality

Cloud and PLC connection

Ixxat CANnector offers numerous additional functions, enabling, for example, live data visualization and simulation using mobile devices (smartphone or tablet) via Wi-Fi, or cloud connectivity via OPC-UA, MQTT or via HMS Hub ™ – HMS’s proprietary solution for industrial data connectivity.

The EtherCAT slave interface provides CAN connector for a direct connection of CAN (FD) -based networks with industrial Ethernet networks or a PLC.

Simple configuration via drag & drop

Ixxat offers a free Windows tool with which CANnector can be easily configured, whereby the ‘connections’ between source and target are made with a Drag and Drop concept. CAN (FD) bus descriptions can optionally be imported for configuration. The standard number of functions can be expanded with the help of the integrated development and debug environment and proprietary C user code or Matlab / Simulink models, which can be executed directly on the device.

Pre configurations

Om gebruikers op weg te helpen, bieden we, naast de standaard versie, het apparaat aan met drie verschillende voor-configuraties. Of course, these configurations can also be put together yourself, using the supplied ACT software.

  • CANnector Range
    Direct intended for the exchange of CAN 2.0A/B- and CAN FD-data, for example to PCs or to server environments. If desired, the CANnector can be accessed remotely using the Ixxat VCI drivers.
  • CANnector Range-configuration
  • CANnector Bridge
    Exchange of exactly the desired information between different networks mutually, including data manipulation.
  • CANnector Bridge-configuration
  • CANnector Log
    Data logger with trigger and ring buffer for storing the desired CAN messages on USB memory. CAN connector has a sleep mode to prevent the battery from discharging and can be reactivated via CAN.
  • CANnector Log-configuration, to local storage device
  • With the help of an external router, and possibly G4 modem, the data can also be delivered in the cloud, to any desired cloud storage.
  • CANnector Log-configuration, to cloud storage

These configurations can be easily modified, overwritten, combined or exchanged using the supplied Configuration software to achieve the typically desired functionality. All functions can be performed simultaneously on the device, so that, for example, data logging and CAN (FD) bridging and data visualization on mobile devices can be performed side by side.


The offered hardware is available with up to eight CAN 2.0A/B, partly also CAN FD, two LIN, Ethernet, USB, two digital I/Os and one Ethercat slave interface. USB extensions for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are available as options.

CANnectorCANCAN FD 1LINEtherCAT 2Digital I/OEthernetUSB
CANnector Log 3 4 6 2 2 0 2 1 1 / 2
CANnector Range 3 6 2 2 0 2 1 1 / 2
CANnector Bridge 3 6 2 2 0 2 1 1 / 2
CANnector S 6 2 2 0 2 1 1 / 2
CANnector L 8 4 2 0 2 1 1 / 2
CANnector S with EtherCAT 6 2 2 1 2 1 1 / 2
CANnector L with EtherCAT 8 4 2 1 2 1 1 / 2

1 = CAN FD is always combined with CAN 2.0A / B, so the first CAN column is the total number of channels
2 = EtherCAT slave node
3 = CANnector S with pre configuration
4 = Comes with a 16GByte USB storage device

Technical Data
Interfaces - Up to 8x CAN 2.0A/B-interfaces
  - Including up to 4x CAN-FD-interfaces
  - 2x LIN-interface
In-/Outputs - Up to 4x digital input (max. 34 V)
  - Up to 4x digitale output (max. 34 V, 1 A)
Additional interfaces - Ethernet 10/100
  - EtherCAT Slave (optional)
  - 1x USB device, Mini USB-B
  - 2x USB host, USB-A
Connectors 4x D-Sub9 for CAN, CAN FD, LIN and Digital I/O
  1x Mini USB (device)
  2x USB A (host)
  1x RJ45 for Ethernet
  2x RJ45 for EtherCAT In & OUT
  1x Three-pole Phoenix for power supply
Host system Power PC, 256 MByte RAM, 256 MByte Flash
CAN transceiver  Texas Instruments SN65HVD251 - High speed
CAN FD transceiver Microchip MCP2562FD
CAN RX only Hardware switchable
CAN bus termination resistor CAN 2.0A/B: High-speed
  CAN FD: None
Power supply 6-36 V DC
Power consumption Typ. 420 mA at 12 V (sleep mode < 2 mA)
Housing Aluminum, Stainless steel
Protection class IP40
Relative humidity 10-95%, non-condensing
Operating temperature -40 °C to +80 °C
Weight Appr. 790 g
Dimensions (L x W x H) 196 x 113 x 43 mm
Contents of delivery
- CANnector
- Runtime licences Gateway
- Advanced Configuration Tool (ACT) Free Bundle via download (Windows™)
- Configuration cable (USB)
- Ethernet cable (RJ45)
- User Manual

Part number(s)

CANnector Standard

CANnector S with 4x CAN (2x CAN FD) with Galvanic Isolation, 2x LIN, 2x Digital I/O
CANnector S with 4x CAN (2x CAN FD) with Galvanic Isolation, 2x LIN, 2x Digital I/O

CANnector Standard with preconfigurations

CANnector S - Log with 4x CAN (2x CAN FD) with Galvanic Isolation, 2x LIN, 2x Digital I/O
CANnector S - Log with 4x CAN (2x CAN FD) with Galvanic Isolation, 2x LIN, 2x Digital I/O
CANnector S - Range with 4x CAN (2x CAN FD) with Galvanic Isolation, 2x LIN, 2x Digital I/O
CANnector S - Range with 4x CAN (2x CAN FD) with Galvanic Isolation, 2x LIN, 2x Digital I/O
CANnector S - Bridge with 4x CAN (2x CAN FD) with Galvanic Isolation, 2x LIN, 2x Digital I/O
CANnector S - Bridge with 4x CAN (2x CAN FD) with Galvanic Isolation, 2x LIN, 2x Digital I/O

Getting interested?

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You can call us if you like, we can be reached at +31-40-2301.922. We are pleased to help you and do offer you practical advice and support.

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