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J1939 Driver

Driver for the J1939 Protocol Software

The SAE J1939 CAN driver provides all necessary functions for connection of the J1939 protocol software to the target hardware and supports both the single and the multi-channel version of the protocol software.
Ixxat SAE J1939 Protocol Software Driver
Ixxat SAE J1939 Protocol Software Driver
Ixxat SAE J1939 Protocol Software Driver

The CAN driver is extended with modules for abstracting the operating system (if available) and the CPU and therefore enables simple commissioning of the J1939 protocol software without further adaptation. The required resources of the target hardware are a free timer interrupt for time monitoring of the protocol and an interrupt of the CAN controller. In addition to the generic version for the Ixxat PC/CAN interfaces, further portings are available.
A complete list of all supported CPUs and CAN controllers is available on request.

Driver porting

Based on the generic version, porting of the CAN driver is also easily possible for the customer thanks to the documentation provided. If required, Ixxat will carry out appropriate adaptations of the J1939 CAN driver on behalf of the customer.

Ixxat SAE J1939 Protocol Software Driver
Contents of delivery
- Source code in C
- Example code in C
- Software user license
- Quick Reference Manual
- Technical support (time limited)

Part number(s)

SAE J1939 CAN Driver

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