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J1939 Extentions

Add-ons for the J1939 Protocol Software

On the basis of the SAE J1939 protocol software, the following extensions are available:

  • NMEA2000 - Extension for maritime applications
  • ISO15765-2 - Base diagnostic messages (eg OBD-2)
  • Diagnostic - Diagnostic services according to SAE J1939/73
Ixxat SAE J1939 Protocol Software Extensions

SAE J1939 NMEA2000 Extension

With the NMEA2000 extension for J1939, the Ixxat J1939 protocol software can be expanded for NMEA2000 applications. The software package is supplied as ANSI-C code.

Features and Benefits

The following services are supported in form of separate API function:

  • Support of the fast packet transport protocol
  • Complex Request message
  • Complex command message
  • Complex acknowledgment message
  • Available as single and multi channel version
Ixxat SAE J1939 NMEA2000 Extension

SAE J1939 ISO15765-2 Extension

With the ISO15765-2 extension for J1939, the Ixxat J1939 protocol software can be extended with the CAN diagnostic protocol. This represents the basis for vehicle diagnostics via KWP2000 or UDS based on J1939 messages.

Ixxat SAE J1939 ISO15765-2 Extension

SAE J1939 Diagnostic Extension

The Diagnostic Extension enables the expansion of the Ixxat J1939 protocol software by the diagnosis services (DM1 to DM32) as specified in J1939/73.

Diagnostic messages provide the utility needed when the vehicle is being repaired. They are also used during vehicle operation by the networked ECUs to allow them to report diagnostic information and self-compensate as appropriate, based on information received.

Diagnostic messages include services such as periodically broadcasting active diagnostic trouble codes, identifying operator diagnostic lamp status, reading or clearing diagnostic trouble codes, reading or writing control module memory, providing a security function, stopping/starting message broadcasts, reporting diagnostic readiness, etc.

Ixxat SAE J1939 Diagnostic Extension
Contents of delivery
- Source code in C
- Example code in C
- Software user license
- Quick Reference Manual
- Technical support (time limited)

Part number(s)


1. 02.0352.x0000
ISO15765-2 extension for J1939 Protocol Software - Single Channel
1. 02.0352.x0001
ISO15765-2 extension for J1939 Protocol Software - Multi Channel


Diagnostic extension for J1939 Protocol Software - Single Channel
Diagnostic extension for J1939 Protocol Software - Multi Channel


To use these extensions, the Ixxat SAE J1939 protocol software is required

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