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Ixxat SG-gateways - Solving Smart Grid communication challenges

Ixxat SG-gateways

Solving Smart Grid communication challenges

Ixxat SG-gateways - Solving Smart Grid communication challenges

The Ixxat SG-gateway is designed to specifically target Demand Response (networking of industrial electric loads) and Virtual Power Plants (networking of energy resources like biogas plants or combined heat and power units) applications and all applications requiring to bridge between energy and industrial automation communication systems.
The following SG-gateways arte available:

I/O & M-bus

Intended for controlling and direct read-out of energy meters and devices

Industrial protocols

Intended for links between industrial equipment and energy systems

Ixxat SG-gateways...

  • Enable easy remote control and management of electrical systems
  • Allow to log and display application data and energy consumption
  • Provide IEC61850 client/server and IEC60870-5-104 server support
  • Have in-built Modbus TCP Client/Server and Modbus RTU Master/Slave interfaces
  • Provide connectivity for I/O, M-Bus, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and EtherNet/IP based devices

Remote Terminal Unit

All the Ixxat SG-gateways support the communication protocols used in the energy sector, e.g. IEC60870-5-104 and IEC61850s. In addition they also include Modbus TCP client/server and Modbus RTU master/slave functionality. They can also communicate with industrial fieldbus or industrial Ethernet networks such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP or any other industrial network thanks to Anybus technology.


The SG gateways can be used for various applications, such as

  • Integrating industrial equipment into the Power Grid
  • Virtual Power Plant / Demand Response applications
  • Connecting IED's to PLC systems

Integrate industrial equipment into the Power Grid

In this scenario, the SG-gateway connects the Control Room/SCADA system with industrial equipment and machinery in the field.

Connecting Equipment to Power Grid Control Rooms

Equipment such as Generators, filters, protection equipment to utilities that demand IEC protocols. Metering equipment that uses M-Bus and other industrial equipment that uses Modbus or other fieldbus or industrial Ethernet protocols can all be integrated.

Virtual Power Plant / Demand Response applications

A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a cluster of distributed generation installations that are collectively managed by a central control entity. Every single generator that belongs to the VPP needs a gateway to communicate with the remote control software managing the whole network. The SG-gateway enables this requirement and supports the industry standard VHPready for virtual power plants.

Connecting Equipment to Virtual Power Plant (VPP) or Demand Respons (DR) Applications

Demand Response (DR) is an automated control mechanism in power grids, by which the demand side adapts itself to the volatile generation capacity of renewable energies. An SG-gateway can connect the factory with the DR aggregators network operating center on each industrial site.

Connecting IED's to PLC systems

Intelligent Electrical Devices (IED) with IEC60870-5-104 or IEC61850 can easily be connected to industrial PLC systems such as; Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi, ABB etc, with their proprietary Fieldbus/Industrial Ethernet networks.

Connecting IED's to PLC systems