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CANio Application Development Kit (ADK)

Package for easy development of customized applications for CANio 250/500

As standard products, the CANio 250/500 represent an I/O gateway implementation in which the analog or digital inputs/outputs can be queried or triggered via CAN messages. The Application Development Kit enables creation of custom device applications with customer-specific functionality in the C programming language.
Industrial controls or electronic control units (ECU) for vehicles can therefore be simply implemented without own hardware.
Ixxat CANio Application Development Kit (ADK)
Ixxat CANio Application Development Kit (ADK)
Ixxat CANio Application Development Kit (ADK)

Features and benefits

  • Easy and fast adaptation of the CANio 250/500 functionality to your requirements
  • Use of standard programming tools
  • Demo applications simplify the development


The CANio Application Development Kit (ADK) contains all drivers required for communication via the CAN bus and for triggering the various inputs and outputs, which allows development of custom applications even without specific hardware know-how.

The drivers are delivered as a binary library together with a comprehensive C-source demo application. The demo application demonstrates use of the various functions and can be very easily extended according to individual requirements. As development platform an evaluation kit of the CANio 500 is included in the scope of supply.

Together with a development environment, available for free, and a low-cost JTAG debugging solution, custom applications can thus be created, uploaded to the target and verified. On completion of the test and verification phase, the application can be uploaded to standard CANio devices. This is carried out via the CAN bus with the aid of the CANio configuration tool and the bootloader permanently installed on the devices.
Remark: The CANio configuratietool needs an Ixxat CAN/PC-interface.

CANio 500 verbonden met een Debug Adapter
CANio 500 verbonden met een Debug Adapter

Complete software solutions

We will also be pleased to develop adapted software solutions for customers based on the CANio 250/500. The custom software is delivered with documentation that allows further modification by the user.

Contents of delivery
- CANio 500 evaluation kit incl. CANio 500 (PCB)
- I/O drivers, boot loader, demo application
- Configuration software for Windows™
- Power supply cable
- User Manual
- Programming manual
- Beware: For using the CANio Configuration Tool an Ixxat CAN/PC interface is required.
- Remark: The (microcontroller)development environment, the JTAG debugger and Power Supply are not included in the scope of delivery.

Part number(s)

CANio Application Development Kit (ADK) for CANio 250 and CANio 500
CANio Application Development Kit (ADK) for CANio 250 and CANio 500

Getting interested?

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