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CAN-GW100/RS232, RS232 to CAN/CANopen

RS232 serial dataflow to CAN/CANopen converter

With the CAN-GW100/RS232, devices with a serial RS232 port can be connected to the CAN bus. Two modes are available for use in CAN and CANopen networks.
Ixxat CAN-GW100/RS232
CANopen network
RS232 network
Ixxat CAN-GW100/RS232
Ixxat CAN-GW100/RS232

Supported CANopen Features

  • 1 x server SDO expedited, non-expedited
  • 1 x TX PDO and 1 x RX PDO (static mapping)
  • Emergency message, heartbeat producer, NMT slave

CAN-RS232 Gateway

In the CAN mode (layer 2), the received CAN data is transmitted transparently to the RS232 interface. Data sent by means of RS232 is packed in CAN telegrams. One configurable identifier is available for each transmission and reception.
In CANopen mode the CAN-GW100/RS232 works as a CANopen subscriber, where the serial data is saved as a bytestream object in the manufacturer-specific object dictionary range.

Technical data
Microcontroller Fujitsu MB90F543
Memory extension 128 k Flash, 6 k RAM, 256 Bytes EEPROM
CAN controller 1 x CAN on-chip, CAN 2.0A, 2.0B
CAN bus interface 1x ISO 11898-2, optional galv. isolated
Serial port RS232 (600 to 115200 bits/s), handshake
Power supply 9-36 V, 1.5 W
Temperature range -20 ºC ... +70 ºC
Certification CE
Housing Plastic top hat rail housing 110 x 75 x 22 mm
Contents of delivery
- CAN-GW100/RS232
- Configuration software for Windows™
- Configuration cable (RS-232)
- User Manual

Part number(s)

CAN-GW100/RS232, 1x CAN with Galvanic Isolation, 1x RS232
CAN-GW100/RS232, 1x CAN with Galvanic Isolation, 1x RS232

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