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emtas CANopen Bootloader

Software package of a CANopen Bootloader including Flash Firmware Updating

An increasing number of CANopen devices need bootloaders to update firmware in the field. The use of a complete CANopen stack for the bootloader is mostly unsuitable, because of the large flash memory footprint.
To avoid this waste of flash memory, emtas developed a new CANopen Bootloader that needs only few memory resources. The bootloader supports the necessary services (SDO, NMT slave, heartbeat producer) and objects. So resource saving 6 to 8 KiB of flash memory are sufficient for the emtas bootloader – and it is still CANopen compatible.
emtas CANopen Bootloader Software
emtas CANopen Bootloader Software
emtas CANopen Bootloader Software


  • CANopen-compatible
  • Segmented SDO Transfer
  • SDO Block Transfer
  • Only little flash resources needed
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emtass CANopen Bootloader structure

The CANopen Bootloader is available for different 16- and 32-bit microcontrollers and can easily be adapted to other targets. SDO block transfer is optionally availabe as well. It is delivered as ANSI-C source code and thus can be extended by customers e.g. with a password protection mechanism, firmware encryption or a manufacturer-specific back door.

CANopen UpdateManager

The CANopen UpdateManager is an easy to handle tool designed for firmware downloads. Apart from direct firmware downloads it offers the opportunity to put firmware files for all devices of a network together, add the configuration data and and create an update package.
This allows service technicians to carry out an automated update of all devices in a network that need an update by simply starting the update package. Additionally, both a CAN backdoor and access to second domain is supported.

emtas CANopen UpdateManager
emtas CANopen UpdateManager

Supported processors and IDEs

For this CANopen Bootloader, target hardware with CAN controller is required. The CANopen Bootloader can be used with for example compilers or IDEs of GCC / GNU, Keil, IAR, Crossworks, Atollic True Studio, Tasking and the specific development environments of the various chip manufacturers.

Ask for the specific possibilities of a specific controller / IDE combination.

Licensing model

The CANopen Bootloader is delivered as source code in the form of a one-time Project or Site License. The distinction between them is as follows:

  • Project license
    The software (source code) may be used at one defined development location for one defined project. The default support period is 6 months.
  • Site license
    The software (source code) may be used on one development site / location, by various developers at this location, for an unlimited number of products. The standard support period is 24 months.

There are no run-time fees or royalties on the generated object code.

Contents of delivery
- Source code in C
- Example code in C
- Software user license
- Programming manual
- CANopen Update Manager (single-user license)
- Technical support (time limited)

Part number(s)

emtas CANopen Bootloader
emtas CANopen Bootloader

Getting interested?

Are you interested in the emtas CANopen Bootloader? Please request, without any obligation, for a quote. Would you like more information? Please send an email to or visit our contact page.
You can call us if you like, we can be reached at +31-40-2301.922. We are pleased to help you and do offer you practical advice and support.

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