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Mobile Embedded Platform for automotive bus systems

The FRC-Mobile offers high performance, a wide range of interfaces and exchangeable mass storage. Moreover, the interfaces and applications are easily expandable and adaptable.

Embedded Platforms

The Embedded Platform forms the basis for manifold automotive testing and analysis applications in vehicles and test benches – both, with the IXXAT ACT tools as well as with customer-specific software solutions.
They are therefore ideal for applications for which several bus systems are to be merged into a single device with its own processing power. The PC is only needed for the configuration or stimulation/visualization of data, as the actual intelligence – for e.g. the transport protocols – is outsourced to the embedded platform.


By default, in addition to FlexRay, CAN, LIN and also digital I/Os and RS232 are available. The Ethernet configuration interface is supplemented by a USB interface. Additional interfaces can be upgraded through internal expansion slots. Thus, besides additional FlexRay and CAN interfaces also WLAN, Bluetooth and GSM/GPS interfaces can be implemented. The included SD card slot allows the configuration update even without an attached PC as well as the use as multi-bus data logger for large amounts of data.

Development Platform

For most applications, IXXAT offers the appropriate configuration and analysis tools for the Embedded Platform. Nevertheless, there are very specific applications where it is necessary to provide an accurate customized solution. The open architecture of the IXXAT Embedded Platform allows providing adaptations or extensions very quickly. If necessary this can also be performed by the user based on the software development kit.

Technical Data
Interfaces - Up to 1x FlexRay A/B channel, each 10 MBit/s
  - Up to 4x High-Speed CAN interfaces 
  - Up to 1x Low-Speed CAN interfaces
  - 1x LIN interface
  - 1x RS232 interface
In-/Outputs - Up to 4 digital input (max. 34 V)
  - Up to 4 digital output (max 34 V, 1 A)
Expansion slots - SDHC slot
  - 2 int. expansion slots (mPCIe form factor)
  - Prepared for WLAN, Bluetooth, GSM/GPS
PC connection Ethernet 10/100 MBit/s or USB 2.0
Connectors - 30 and 48 pin SHS plug
Temperature range -40 °C ... +80 °C
Power supply 6 - 36 V DC; 350 mA typ. at 12 V
Dimensions 190 x 180 x 60 mm
Contents of delivery
- FRC-Mobile
- Run-time licences (optional)
- Power supply cable
- User Manual

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