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ACT Logger Bundle

ACT Base and Logger

Het Automotive Configuration Tool (ACT) is a powerful and easy to use PC software package for the FRC-EP Embedded Platforms with versatile functions.

ACT RBS & Gateway Bundle

This software bundle includes the following components:

  • Base - Administration, Editor, Visualization and Development tool
  • Logger - Signal & Data Logger
IXXAT Automotive Configuration Tool (ACT)

Functions & Modules

Detail overview of the functions and modules in this bundle:

IXXAT Automotive Configuration Tool (ACT) - IxAdmin


Administration tool for the embedded platform which is connected to the device via USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

  • Up-/download of configurations
  • Execution of updates
  • Runtime license management
  • General settings
IXXAT Automotive Configuration Tool (ACT) - Vehicle Editor

Vehicle Editor

Basis for most solutions are bus descriptions in CANdB, FIBEX or AUTOSAR-XML format. The descriptions contain a great deal of information, but often not all required information. Using the Vehicle Editor, everything that belongs to a certain vehicle, an integration level or a test configuration can be easily combined.

Signal- & Data logger

  • Easily added to gateway configuration as a virtual bus
  • Signals/messages to be recorded are mapped on the logger bus via drag & drop
  • Definition of trigger inputs on signal basis and graphically configuration
  • Recording for all connected bus systems on a common time basis
  • Different formats for recording on SDHC card supported
  • Logging individually or in parallel to a residual bus simulation
  • Recordings can be played back in correct chronological order
IXXAT Automotive Configuration Tool (ACT) - Signal- & Data logger

Signal visualization

  • Easily added to the gateway configuration as a virtual bus
  • Simple display and stimulation for all mapped signals using integrated web server
  • Any device (PC, smartphone, tablet) can be used as display device
  • Connection of the visualization device via USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Requires only HTML5-capable web browser
  • Generic HTML page provided for easy adaptation by the user
IXXAT Automotive Configuration Tool (ACT) - Signal visualization

Development tool

An Eclipse-based development environment is available for the development of own applications. With this development environment, user code applications for the extension of the gateway solution or completely separate applications can be created. This is supported by the integration into the ACT project, the convenient editor, cross-compiler as well as a high-level language debugger. The applications developed can be executed stand-alone or on the IXXAT embedded platforms.

IXXAT Automotive Configuration Tool (ACT) - Development tool

Contents of delivery
- Programm for Windows™
- User Manual

Part number(s)

Automotive Configuration Tool (ACT) - Logger
Base and Logger

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